About Nichole

Hello, I’m Nichole creator of Life Review and Renew. Thank you for coming to my blog and talking with me. I wanted to write this blog to challenge myself with writing and creating. I am born and raised in Knoxville, TN so I am a southern girl at heart.

Gospel Music Reviews

If you ever wondered if a particular Gospel album or song is worth listening, you can come to this site and find out. I will give honest and respectful reviews about albums and songs. I also want to showcase some international Gospel music artist as well.

Church Talk for Young Adults

The page Church Talk will included post that talk about how we can truly apply some of the biblical principles to our everyday lives as young adults. I believe that once we get to an certain age group, 18 to 40, the church tends to leave us behind when it comes to spiritual growth and involvement. I want to be a place where young adults can talk about how they can apply the biblical principles we learned into our everyday life.

Why Start A Blog?

Honestly, I started this blog because I was looking for a way to make extra money. During my search on Pinterest 90% of the pins for earning extra money mentioned starting a blog. I would always think back to high school and college when I remembered how much I hated writing. So, it is weird that I chose to start a blog which requires writing but I wanted to take the opportunity to challenge myself. A lot of the articles and blogs that I read did not include big fancy words or special writing skills that only “real writers” would use. I just found people who were passion and encouraging in what they were writing about and that inspired me to just try it out. I must say that I don’t hate writing like I thought I would and the more I do it the more I want to do it. So as I start sharing some of my passions I hope you can join me in this journey.

Follow me on this blog so we can share and comment together. about why you agree or disagree about my song and album review. Join me on social media to chat about scriptures, songs, pictures, and everything else.

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