Lexi Got Everybody Listening! Just Listen Album Reveiw

Lexi Just Listen Album Review

Lexi “Just Listen” Album Review

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I’ll Take Your Word For It

The song starts off with a 70’s sample vibe that is something I haven’t heard before this way. The song is about not doing things on our own but to let God control everything. God has always been dependable and he ask that we trust him so we can take his Word on that thought. The vocals of the song are very distant. Each sections are very diverse but it works for the song.

Runnin’ (Marathon)

A bass guitar set the tone in the introduction of this song. The concept of it is spiritually running a race to get to God. The journey to a relationship is the pace of a marathon but the melody is a fast walk.

Lexi Just Listen album reveiw

In The Room

This is the first ballad with mid-tempo melody. It’s about being in God’s presence which gospel artists describe all the time in their music. We have heard songs from albums like You Will Win by Jekalyn Carr and You Waited by Travis Green. When we are in God’s presence it is a great feeling that we don’t want to go away. I love the part of the chorus that says,

“When you’re in the room my hands goes up and i think about where I been.”

The expression in the bridge part of the song gives a notation of inviting God into our space like a special house guest.

I Choose You ft. Gene Moore

This song features Gene Moore and if you remember he is the artist behind the song Recover from the Wow Gospel 2018 album. I also did a review for that album so you can check that out once you finish reading this review.

Like the first track, this has a 60’s Marvin Gay type of vibe. The two voices together create a beautiful and soulful R&B love song type of duet. The message could be viewed as a mixture of choosing to have faith in God and a romantic mate.


I think its safe to say that  this album has a old school funk and soul type of sound. This particular track is the more smooth and soulful sound. Lexi is expressing that life with God in control can make things simple. Trusting God can bring the type of confidence that allows you to not worry or stress.

Just Listen

This track is another ballad but in a much slower pace. The lyrics are about moments of trying to talk to God and communicating with him and not being able to do it. We get caught up in trying to say the perfect words that we forget to just listen. The chorus states ,

“And when it feels like it is all over and when the words don’t speak what I really mean……..that’s when I’ll just listen.”

It’s a reminder that we need to take the time to allow God to speak to us in a way that only God speaks.

Wherever I Go

You can really hear the sound and tone of Lexi’s voice on this track. This is the best song from this album, in my opinion, that displays the vocal range the Lexi has to show. Track 3, In the Room, is about being in God’s presence and this track follows up with the message that wherever we may go God will be with us at every step.

In The Room (Urban Mix)

We get a remix of track 3 with the same title. The intro and beat are the same for both tracks. Once we get to the chorus of the track it gives more bass and snare in the cadence.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this album is funky, jazzy and soulful. The album title describes Lexi’s journey to growth in spirit, health and wellness. Sometimes we have to take time to just listen to God and our bodies as well. Lexi does consider herself a Gospel artist but the message and lyrics to the songs come from a place of inspiration without being overly direct and churchy as some may call it. You can download and stream the album and enjoy it for yourself through my special  link. Listed below are the social media accounts for Lexi. You can check her out and follow her also tell and the other follows about this review. There are more review like this come up and more artist are putting out music for the summer so sign up at the top right of this page to be up-to-date on all the music review.



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