Fresh Music Friday Vol. 3 – Chase Dat Truth

Chase Dat Truth

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Chase Dat Truth – No Fear

For this segment of Fresh Music Friday we have a special feature. I was contacted recently by an artist by the name of Ireyon Johnson better known as Chase Dat Truth. They was interested in being feature in Fresh Music Friday and I was happy to accommodated. Chase Dat Truth comes from the same city as another FMF artist, Dee-1, New Orleans, LA so I was looking forward to hearing the New Orleans flare and influence in the music.

Much to my surprise, Chase Dat Truth is a female gospel Hip-Hop artist. The number of artists that represent the Hip-Hop sound in gospel and inspirational music is very small and female artist in that genre is almost nonexistent. So to know that there is a female artist trying to break in the gospel Hip-Hop genre makes me super excited to do this feature.

The Next Female Gospel Rapper

Chase Dat Truth has been professionally putting out music since 2013 and has also done some acting along with owning a business. On June 19th Chase released her second album “No Fear”.

A few of the songs off this album stick out to me that I am really drown to when listening more closely to this album. The first track is a good beginning introduction to the mood of the album sound. It is something you can dance and groove to while attending a live performance of Chase Dat Truth.


The two female lead vocals on the songs, No Matter How Hard and Trumpet, add that R&B/Soul feel to the songs that give it a different flavor when artists add a singer to a Rap and Hip-Hop song even in Gospel music. The combination is a great match to delivering the message that God will be with you no matter how hard things get; but you still need to be ready when he comes back.


Chase Dat Truth

The song, Still Standing, is what really caught my attending when listening to this album. Not only did Chase Dat Truth switch it up by using a male lead vocal for this track but also another gospel rap artist. Chase Dat Truth rapping along side other male rappers shows us that she is not afraid to (1) deliver a flow that is just as good as her male counterparts and (2) tell little bit of her story. The part when she says,

“play cards dealt, poker face strong, we fall down but don’t stay that long, get up stand up keep moving along, if you fail try keep holding on, never give up on your dreams, never give up on yourself, when it is all said and done, keep the faith, stand up pick up yourself.”

New Orleans Bounce Beat

I believe the is the whole meaning of the album. The next tracks, Praise Him, is about giving God the praise with a hand clapping and feet stomping New Orleans bounce beat (some may want to twerk to it but I’m not judging!). The closing track is a plea to ask God to lift us up to him.

Overall, the album, “No Fear”, gives a message of  having faith through trails and tribulations and through it all, giving God the praise. This album is a good follow up to the first album, ‘I’m Here”,  which really gives the listener the story about who Chase Dat Truth is as an artist and how she got to this point. I would suggest to listen to both albums and get to know more about Chase Dat Truth.


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That concludes this segment of Fresh Music Friday I am so happy to know that there is a female gospel artist out here doing her thing and is being true to herself no matter what. I will include links to all the social media accounts so you can follow Chase Dat Truth to find out when she will be performing in a city near you or get a heads up on new music.

Chase Dat Truth

FaceBook: @ChaseDatTruth

Instagram: @ChaseDatTruth

Twitter: @ChaseDatTruth


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