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Jekalyn Carr-One Nation Under God

Where is the Jekalyn Carr album review? I know I’m late with this review but better late than never right?! Working one job is tough but working two is insane. But things are slowing down so I can dedicate more time to the blog and social media. Now on to the review……………..

The Proclamation of A Winner

Jekalyn Carr One Nation Under God

One Nation Under God

First track is a quick into to bring out Jekalyn Carr then you hear kids saying “one nation under god”. Then starts the introduction to the first song of the album.

I Am A Winner

It starts off with heavy guitar and a profound piano and horns. The lyrics are filled with proclamations of being a winner. Everything comes together to exuberant we won over our obstacles and issues.

Love The Way You Love Me

This part of the album we bring a slow and steady tempo in this song. A perfect message of why we love God because he loves us unconditionally. When the choir sings the chorus, there is a sweet harmony at the ends worth hearing. The bridge towards the end of song is the part because it beautifully describes the kind of love God has for us.

On The Cross ft. Pastor Steve Hare

   Jekalyn opens with reciting a phrase of Christ giving his life in the cross. Pastor Steven then follows in the same sentiment in the second verse. Once we get into the songs it’s a slow build up of everything that Christ spiritually carried on the cross for us. The end of the song, you reach the climax of the song and name a few things that people can relate to as to what would Christ carry on the cross but the song suddenly ends. I believe that the songwriters and producers could add more to that section of the song.

Rugged Cross

Stay With Me ft. Ashley (Charisse) Mackey

   Jekalyn stars with a short explanation of the meaning of the song. She sing a heart’s desire to have God stay and not leave. When the chorus starts it’s a sweet plea to God because we need him to stay.

Stay With Me Worship

A revised version of the original song is where the song begins. This is one of those moments when the spirit fills you up and Minister Carr comes forward.

Never Alone ft. Cachet Morganfield

At first listen it sounds as if Jekalyn is singing on a low tone with blues, jazz, and funk mixture. When you hear the second verse it becomes clear it sounds more like Jekalyn. The first voice is from female tenor Cachet Morganfield from Memphis, TN. Cachet has a mesmerizing voice which carries throughout the song to the end.

You Will Win

This chart topper has been in the gospel billboard chart for 25 weeks in the top 10 songs even reaching the number one spot. Not only is this song about being in the winning season but it inspired a book by Jekalyn Carr with the same title. Just like in track 2, the piano and horns blend with the lyrics to proclaim everything attached to us will win.

New Book by Jekalyn Carr
You Will Win by Jekalyn Carr

Gonna Be Great ft. Nariah Smith

We are lead in the song with the voice of a girl, Nariah Smith. This is not the first time hearing Nariah on a song with Jekalyn Carr. On the album, The Life Project which also features the song You’re Bigger, Nariah sweetly sings how beautifully and wonderfully made God created her to be. Following the same theme of this album, Nariah encourages us to know we are great.

You Are The One ft. Brown Baptist and Hope Church Memphis

Even though it is not the title of the album this song sums up the meaning of the title. As believers we are one unite one body in Christ. As our country is one nation under God that is how we all need to treat each other.

In This Atmosphere ft. Donald Lawrence

With the Donald Lawrence flavor we get the life lesson in the atmosphere with God we will receive abundance, favor, and blessings. Because it’s Donald Lawrence you hear a bit of the classic song, Giants, with the arrangement of the song and how it ends which is why he is the greatest song arranger in Gospel music.

It’s Yours

It would not be a live Gospel music recording without a praise break and impromptu song. Again the song just further drives the theme of you will win so proclaim it and declare it. Nothing else needs to be said when you allow the holy spirit to move from your head to your feet.

It Has Been Established

As we come down from the high praises from the previous track, we settle into being established. This song is one of my favorites on the album. It stems from the verse:

“Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” (Matthew 18:18 N.I.V. version)

Jesus give this message to state that whatever we ask in his name we will receive. We can believe it has been established because Jesus already set it up for us to claim.

Jesus Reigns Forevermore

The piano starts with melodic intro. Jekalyn leads us to understand in the first verse one day we will praise GOD in Jesus name because he reigns forever. In conclusion, Christ loved us into better which is such a deep meaning. It is the true definition of unconditional love. So he will reign forevermore.

You will win (Radio)

The last song of the album is the same as track 8 but the end is shortened for radio play.


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