Fresh Music Friday: Dee-1

What is FMF?

Not all artist get the opportunity to showcase their music to people on a large music streaming or blogging platforms. I may not have the largest platform yet but I know you have to start somewhere and lifereviewandrenew can be one of those places.

Every month a new Gospel artists will be showcased on this site with their music and info. Use the form below to suggest which artist to showcase next and we will add them to the lineup.

Gospel Rap artist Dee-1


Slingshot David Buy Here!

Nobody denies that the New Orleans group, Hot Boyz, is a heavy influence for any inspiring rappers. On the contrary, Dee-1’s music is coming from a more positive and Godly perspective. This is important for a new artist to do when trying to break out the typical New Orleans rapper mold. Dee-1 is a fresh new voice in the Gospel music genre that has amazing potential.

Listening to the latest album, Slingshot David, you hear his background story and how he got started in the music industry. Follow Dee-1 on Instagram and Twitter and share this post to him.

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