Review “Not Lucky, I’m Loved” Music Video

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Review “Not Lucky, I’m Loved” Music Video

Not Lucky, I'm Loved

Jonathan McReynolds New Music Video, “Not Lucky, I’m loved,”

Jonathan McReynolds new music video called, Not Lucky, I’m Loved, came out on Jan. 4th as the new year is starting. The song is from the recently released album, “Make Room”, on March 9th of this year. Jonathan currently has a television special premiering tonight, March 30th and tomorrow night, April 1st at 8 pm eastern standard time on TVOne. Hear the live recording of the whole album, but before you do why not watch the latest music video plus read my review on it below then tell me what you think of the song and video.

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About the Video

You can watch the video above on Youtube now. The video starts with a two second introduction from the music label then the music starts. This video was shot with material that was submitted by fans requested from Jonathan and edited to include each fan’s interpretation of the song. Notice that Jonathan was not very selective with the fan submissions that was used in the video. You can see people from different ages, colors, genders, and locations.

There is a fair showing of men, women, and children in the video but women were more frequent. Some people did more than that just sing  along with Jonathan, people were dancing as well. Dancers of different styles: freestyle, praise dance, hip-hop, and even ballet. It is great to add that to the video because it make the video even more personal for those who like to express themselves through dance and performing arts.

Intertwined in the video is Jonathan doing a roof top performance in a black hoodie with gold writing which is of his brand signature and another screen of him in a black hoodie but with a brown trench coat and guitar. It’s great that the content video focuses more on the fan submitted portion than the artist himself. Because when you listen to a song the first thing you want to do is sing along with the artist but this allows you to see other people as they enjoy the song while you watch and ultimately join in with them.

Not Lucky, I'm Loved

It’s the little things that count

Let’s talk about some details that I want to point out to you about this video. Some people use their camera and held it up while performing the song. Others used their webcam to submit their videos and then you have camera phone submissions. The narrow screen shot angles and even bunny filters show the videos used with Instagram and snapchat videos.

My favorite screen was from a young girl with a horizontal message that stated finished all college tests with a 3.8 GPA and just received a scholarship. What a great story that she shared with us! And if you noticed they showed multiple times the “little drummer boy” with a red shirt that read, “beat cancer”. That message right there is what the song and video is all about.

Overall, the video is a great way to show how blessed we are and that it is not because of luck but it’s because of God’s love. If you want to see more songs from Jonathan McReynolds then click here.

What did you think about the video? Did anything stick out to you?

Tune in for the television special premiering tonight, March 30th and tomorrow night, April 1st at 8 pm eastern standard time on TVOne.

Not Lucky, I'm Loved



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