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In the previous post which you can read here, we gave a brief introduction to how Wow Gospel first came about and the songs it included. Now we will discuss the second portion of the Wow Gospel 2017.

Disc 2:  Slowing things down for a big finish


  1. Arise (You Are Good) by William Murphy

From the album, “Demonstrate”, William Murphy (not to be confused for William McDowell) leads us a vibrant worship song. Like he says it is a simple song and when the organ and piano starting singing all there is left to say is God you are still good. Side note: William Murphy is a Senior Pastor of dReam Center Church of Atlanta where Tasha Cobb Leonard led worship and is now a pastor.

  1. Celebrate The King by Ricky Dillard

From the album, “Amazing”, a great call and response type of song celebrating who God is to all of us know him.  The best part that I like is the high note you hear from the soprano sections. In conclusion, you can never get tired of celebrating God.

  1. Way Maker (Radio Edit Long) by Jason Nelson

From the album, “Jesus Revealed”, the melody in the chorus are so smooth and sweet to the ear. The song then ends with a section of repeating way maker and confirming that we know this as a fact. Hence, the repetition drives home the message that God can do it all if you believe it.

  1. Live (Radio Edit) by Marvin Sapp

From the album, “You Shall Live”, you can really get into the song once you get the chorus of knowing you will live and not die. This message can apply to your spiritual self and physical self. Some of you may have moments when you are dealing with depression and anxiety but let this song be encouragement to continue and live.

  1. Made A Way (Radio Edit) by Travis Greene

From the album, “The Hill”, what makes this song different from Way Maker, from track 3 is that it seems to come from a point of talking directly to God. The melody at the vamp section just takes the song to the next level. And have you ever wondered why God does what he does for us? I don’t know why but I am grateful and I hope the same goes for you.

wow Gospel 2017
the look of a revival
  1. Send The Rain by William McDowell

From the album, “Sounds of Revival”, a revival is a type of service that is really for the church leaders to revive their spirit and faith. So as some would say a revival is praised down not up. That is the concept of this song. God send your revival down like rain for us all.

  1. You’re Bigger by Jekalyn Carr

From the album, “The Life Project”, when the beat drops as soon as the music start you already know this is going to be something big. This song is a war cry to praise God in that he is bigger than any problem including HIV and cancer!

  1. Worth by Anthony Brown & group therapy

From the album, “Everyday Jesus”, if you ever need a song to describe how Jesus really, I mean really feels about you then Worth is the song for you. The beat is just slow enough for you to grasp the lyrics to the whole song. Jesus sacrificed his life so we could be free and now you can tell everybody you know.

  1. I’ll Just Say Yes by Brian Courtney Wilson

From the album, “Worth Fighting For (Deluxe Edition/Live)”, its starts off soft and sweet of just saying yes to God’s will. The more you get into the more you being to repeat yes Lord my life is yours. It’s a short song that gets to the point that if you say yes you will find peace. And to think I use to skip this song.

  1. Put A Praise On It ft. Kierra Sheard by Tasha Cobb

From the album, “One Place Live”, for all the COGIC members and attendees Tasha has a song for you. Not that Baptist and other denominations don’t need praise and dance type of song but this just seems to speak to the COGIC community. Listening to the music alone can encourage some hand clapping and feet tapping. My only question is when do you hear Kierra Sheard in the song?


Wow Gospel 2017
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  1. Just to Know Him ft. Byron Cage by Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago

From the album, “Any Given Sunday (Live)”, and the songs has a mellifluous sound that you can to hear with the message talking about knowing Jesus. Think of all the things you can gain from know Jesus Christ. Charles Jenkins and Byron Cage help paint the story that just knowing God can change your life for the better.

  1. Stand (Live) by Donnie McClurkin

From the album, “The Journey (Live)”, if you got the “Live in London and More” album but lost it somewhere and don’t want to buy the same thing again; then this album, “The Journey (Live)”, has all the favorite songs from that album plus some oldies but goodies. Now it is a live version so you know artists have to switch things up but Donnie is a pro. He even adds something extra to the end going into where we can stand. The backgrounds singers chime with in the shadows. So after you’ve done all you can, you just stand!

  1. It’s Alright, It’s OK ft. Anthony Hamilton by Shirley Caesar

From the album, “Fill This House”, Shirley Caesar has been in Gospel music for decades and never gets tired. Shirley stays consistent and create music that speaks to more of an older generation that like the more down home type of music. This message does mean something to everybody because now and then we need someone to tell us it will be already. Added Anthony Hamilton adds that soulful sound that we love about Anthony Hamilton.

  1. You Brought Me by Richard Smallwood

From the album, “Anthology Live”, the Gospel music genius Richard Smallwood brings a groove melody about how far we have come compared to where you use to be. We are coming to the end of 2017 and I know you can think of some moments when you never thought you would make it out. Now is the time to look back on our lives that thank God we are not where we use to.

  1. Best Praise by Myron Butler

From the album, “On Purpose”, and to end this compilation with a bang we give our best praise with Myron Butler. The song starts off with loud horns and bass. The verses describe why we give our best praise and the chorus rejoices in give God our best praise. At the end the choir keeps the message going with singing even more that we will give God our best praise with a female lead.

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We have come to the conclusion of the review for Wow Gospel 2017 compilation album. It was an interesting journey because it seems that more of the popular radio hits are put on disc 1 to grab your attention and get to move a little. On disk 2 the songs a more mellow and slower maybe to get you to think more of whom God is and what he has done for us.

Over all, I am very satisfied with this album and look forward to hearing the 2018 version. Join me on social media to chat more about your favorite songs. What songs are your favorite from disk 1 and disk 2?

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